A new paradigm in dentistry

Our mission is to get you healthy and
then to keep you out of the dental chair
Technical Excellence | Integrity & Trust | Preventative Care
Health Per Patient is our Business

Most dental practices run on revenue per patient. We recognize that this is at odds with providing true health care. A good treatment plan is the result of giving our patients choices and matching it to their life situation, issues and needs.

Meredith C

Waayyyyy above average. I am still in shock over the level of humanity and compassion and sensitivity Dr. Leconte and his sidekick Thierry displayed. […] I am recommending you to anyone that wishes to experience love and integrity in the medical system.

Anxiety Free & Pain Free

Anxiety is the #1 cause of poor oral health. Fear of pain & trauma are the obvious causes, but so too is the fear of treatment costs, time and lack of trust - not knowing if you really need what you are being told you need. We address all these issues directly, openly and collaboratively

Janet S

The best dentist ever! Tooth extraction can be painless! Even a scaredy cat like me! It was over in a couple of minutes. I can't express how surprised and pleased I am. Awesome office atmosphere and gentle support for white-knucklers. So happy I found Dr. Leconte (and his staff). Hugs all around:-)

Technical Excellence & Knowledge

We combine 20 years of dental experience with deep expertise in the latest techniques and scientific advancements in our field to provide outstanding treatment and results

Gregorna G

From the moment of appointment I knew this would be the place that would earn my business. Very professional, friendly and going beyond the call of duty to accommodate a patient in need. I live in Wellington and so to drive 40 minutes to visit dentist, he has to be exceptional, and he is just that!

Trust & Integrity

We never advise treatments that are unnecessary, we give our patients real choices that are financially in your best interest and help you make the best decisions that fit the needs of your health, wealth and peace of mind

Thomas S

Although I have experienced excellent dental services throughout my life, my recent experience at TranZenDental was definitely a significant level above! From the moment you walk into the TranZenDental office, there is a very tangible feeling that you have arrived at a place where truly beautiful, professional people genuinely care about not only your dental health, but your overall health as a human, spiritual being, as well. Then, when you are attended to by Dr. Leconte, it becomes clear that all who work there are, in their own beautifully individual ways, reflections of his tremendously outstanding, caring personality! A completely "Excellent" experience!!!

Integrative Dentistry

The mouth is the nexus of the health of the body. We look at the whole system which includes nutrition, exercise, diet, bacteria levels, DNA and much more to determine how the different parts affect overall health

Nick A

As always, I was again impressed with Dr. Leconte's multidisciplinary healthcare approach and knowledge; while a master of dentistry, his ability to link and find relationships between dental issues and other health areas really sets him apart.

True Preventive Care

Once we have worked together to get you healthy, our goal is to keep you out of our dental chair by keeping you healthy, thereby saving you lots of money, time, pain & anxiety while significantly improving and extending your quality of life

Virginia W

I was so impressed with the staff and services of TranZenDental. I had not been to a dentist in almost two years and all of my concerns were addressed with compassion and top level service... as well as being flexible with my particular situation.