We are a genuinely integrative practice in every sense of the meaning. We are passionate about creating good health through every means at our disposal and doing so with great integrity, excellence and spirit of service.

Truly honest diagnosis

Our diagnosis comes with explanations, education and real treatment choices that can fit your lifestyle needs, life challenges and financial circumstances. Our goal is health per patient, so our interest is the same as yours.

Listening & Understanding

Our patients are an essential part of the health process. Understanding your lifestyle, issues & needs is the first step to a viable plan for acheiving and maintaining long term good health.

Focus on Patient Benefit

Our priority is the health and peace of mind of our patients, not our bottom line. Most dental practices operate on revenue per patient, which distorts the ability for a practice to act in the interest of the patient.

Best Practice Dentistry

We use the latest innovations in dental technology together with the most advanced techniques to ensure a consistently excellent outcome. We are committed to ongoing learning as the field constantly evolves.

Approach stones

Addressing Patient Fears

We seek to understand and work with you on all the fears that accompany dental problems and challenges, including pain, financial fears, resistances and other
sources of anxiety

A “No Pain”, Exceptional Experience

We take great pride in attending to every detail that can most support a truly exceptional patient experience such that pain and anxiety become completely
unnecessary… like a healing spa experience.

Fantastic Follow-Up Care

When you leave our practice, that is not the end of the relationship. We are your partner in getting healthy and staying healthy and take care of ongoing follow up so you don’t have to worry or think about it.

Financial Transparency & Aid

We are fully transparent about costs at time of diagnosis. We never undertake work without being clear and upfront, and we have great financial aid packages for those who need financing assistance.