The relationship with your doctor is like no other.  We rely on being given great advice that is in our best interest.  But the majority of dentist practices are organized to maximize profit, which creates a motive that is at odds with your best interests.  This has been the challenge of healthcare in the US.

The money motive can subtly undermine the capacity for integrity in the advice given to patients and undermine or destroy trust.  Only by organizing the practice along other metrics can we truly give our patients the best advice.  There are always choices, things are rarely black and white, and other factors such as financial means, lifestyle, physical makeup and life preferences are important factors in making the best choices for your health

We have a totally different philosophy.  We believe that if we give the patients what they really need, optimize for the health, benefit and experience of our patients, then we will truly be successful.  We work hard to be extra efficient in what we do and the money takes care of itself.  In this way, we are able to maintain true integrity and build long term trust with our patients.

  • We never advise treatments that are unnecessary
  • We always give you the information required to enable you to make an informed choice
  • We take into account other factors like your lifestyle, anxieties, financial situation and other important factors for making the right treatment plan.
  • We discuss everything openly.  There are never any things left unsaid.
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